About me

Hi all! My name is Qing, Cong (丛晴 in Chinese), and people may also call me Doris. Welcome to my homepage!

I am currently a first year Ph.D. student in the Department of Statistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK) under the supervision of Professor Hoi Ying, WONG. Before joining Prof. Wong’s team, I received my bachelor’s degree in Statistics from CUHK in 2021. While my interests are diverse, I am fascinated by statistical machine learning in financial trading. I am currently working on the interpretations and evaluations of classical black-box models.

I was born and raised in Shanxi Province, China Mainland. As a multilingual learner, I speak Mandarin and English, as well as elementary-level Cantonese.

My resumé is availiable here. Communications are welcomed through the listed contact details.